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    Dark Angels Codex 2015 Pdf

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    Jump to navigation Jump to search Example early 3rd edition Codex Imperial Guard Each codex had its own lettering style for the title. Example late 3rd edition Codex Imperial Guard All of these longer codexes had a standard black border and common title style. Example 4th edition Codex Space Marines All codexes had a standard grey metal-effect border and common title style. Example 6th edition Codex Space Marines All codexes had a standard grey name and the word codex. Early 7th Edition Codexes continued this styling. Example Late 7th edition Codex Dark Angels These codexes had a standard white name with their faction type. Example 8th edition Codex Space Marines All codexes have a standard grey title and border.

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    These are normally a concise page containing all the necessary rules for a model or unit. A complete and comprehensive list detailing all the datasheets available for each faction is available on the Datasheet Warhammer 40, Wikipedia page.

    The introduction of 8th edition saw a large rules overhaul, and all prior codexes were rendered obsolete. On release, 8th edition introduced Indexes to introduce rules for all their armies, before again eventually releasing individual codexes.

    As with before 8th edition, codexes remain valid until superseded by newer versions currently the oldest valid codex is Codex: Space Marines - 8th Edition. All codexes 6th Edition and prior contained: Background - Information about the force and its place in the Warhammer 40, universe.

    This includes artwork, short stories, and copies of fictional documents from the future. Bestiary - A description of the units, characters and vehicles that can be chosen for use in a battle.

    Codex (Warhammer 40,000)

    This includes their characteristic values, information on their weapons, and any limitations on their use, as well as background information on the unit. The army's special psychic powers if any and wargear is also listed here, showing the rules for each item, as well as any legendary artifacts the army may use.

    Hobby section - Information on collecting, building and painting an army from the codex. This features outstanding example models painted by veteran hobbyists and Games Workshop's 'Eavy Metal team.

    Army list - The items in the bestiary are arranged by type and given a points value, with more powerful units costing more points, so that battles are fought between balanced armies. Options are also given here along with their cost. For 7th Edition Games Workshop overhauled the basic codex layout, 8th edition continued the same layout as such: Background - Information about the force and its place in the Warhammer 40, universe.

    This includes artwork, short stories, and copies of fictional documents from the future - The same style as before. Army List - This contains datasheets for every unit and a wargear list. In 7th edition datasheets contained the complete rules and points values needed to field a unit and a picture of the model from the Citadel Miniatures range, along with a description of the unit, as per the old bestiary.

    These rules were later expanded by both Ansell and Richard Halliwell both of whom ended up working for Games Workshop , although the rules were not a precursor to Rogue Trader.


    Soon the Games Workshop hobby magazine, White Dwarf , started making army lists and devising strategies for people to use in these Rogue Trader games.

    New models were released by Games Workshop for the line and the many people who had always enjoyed Warhammer Fantasy were now thrilled at the idea of Warhammer 40, as a tabletop wargame, which was essentially a dark science fiction or more properly a dark science fantasy setting with many of the same tropes and elements as its dark fantasy counterpart.

    The release of this edition was marked by the production of a boxed starter set containing Ork and Space Marine models with dice and a rules book. The animating idea behind this edition of the game was to provide more opportunities for players to participate in larger battles.

    Also special characters were introduced to replace the older concept of battlefield heroes the earlier edition only had three generic "heroic" profiles for each army: champion, minor and major hero. New rules were also provided for the use of psychic powers which were essentially the equivalent of the magical system deployed in Warhammer Fantasy. True codexes as they later became known to fans of the game were still not available for these early editions, but the army lists and background information for Warhammer 40, printed in White Dwarf became far more deeply detailed.

    Later in the edition's publication run, beginning in , Games Workshop introduced the first codices for each of the playable faction's armies, though they were far smaller and contained a great deal less fictional background information what fans refer to as "fluff" than the codices of later editions.

    The 2nd Edition was substantially more colourful and the new codices reflected this fact.

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